Close protection

Your safety is our top priority

We know that the safety of your family and your travels requires special attention and expertise. That’s why, in partnership with Major International Bodyguard, we offer tailor-made close protection services, ensuring your peace of mind in every situation.

Tailor-made protection

At VIP Lifestyle, every close protection assignment begins with a thorough risk assessment. We analyze your environment and habits to identify potential threats. We then rank these risks according to their probability and impact.

On this basis, we draw up a customized security plan, incorporating preventive measures and monitoring strategies tailored to your specific needs. This systematic approach enables us to proactively minimize risk, ensuring your optimum protection and peace of mind.

Close protection agents
Close protection on the port of Saint-Tropez

Experienced protection agents

Our close protection agents are experienced professionals, mainly with backgrounds in military public security and the police. They undergo regular training to guarantee the highest level of safety in all circumstances.

Their sound knowledge of French law and their ability to speak several languages will ensure that you are perfectly taken care of and adapted to any situation.

Protection wherever you go

Close protection isn’t just about personal safety. We also offer comprehensive protection for all your travel needs, from chauffeur-driven trips to helicopter tours and yacht cruises. Our agents ensure your safety by coordinating with local authorities where necessary, guaranteeing seamless protection.

Why choose VIP Lifestyle?

When you select VIP Lifestyle, you choose a reliable and effective close protection solution, designed to meet the most demanding security requirements.


Our agents are highly qualified experts in close protection, with extensive experience in the field.


We guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of our customers in all circumstances, ensuring their peace of mind.


Our close protection services are tailored to your specific needs, whether for short- or long-term assignments.


We use the latest security technologies to provide our customers with uncompromising protection.